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First of all I would like to say that I’m a owner of a Peugeot 207, 1.6 HDI. It’s a 2007 model, and it is my first car ever (I’m not old enough to take the driver license yet though). I’m very pleased with my car, it has an amazing comfort and I’m enjoying every moment on the road. It has an amazing top speed at 115 mph, which is around 185 km/h for those of us who lives in Europe or got that standard. Personally, I just LOVE the car! I know that I will spend a lot of time in that car when I’m 18 and pass my driver license.


This is not mine though, all of my photos of my lion is on a memory card.. I just found this one on the Internet, but it has the same look. Ah, I just felled in love with this car immediately I saw it!

Yesterday, I happened to watch Top Gear USA’s 2nd episode. One of the cars they drove was a Aston Martin. Usually, I don’t like Aston Martin, but I couldn’t hate this car when I first saw it. What a car, with amazing 510 hps!

Look at these amazing Aston Martin cars! (AMV12 (to the left) and AMV8  (to the right))

Since I don’t know that much about the AMs, I’ll just add a YouTube video from TOP Gear, season 13. Go ahead and watch it if you liked the Aston Martin V12 Vantage!

– What do you think?

– Did you like any of the cars at all?

– What was, or what is going to be your first car? And why?

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