Playing guitar again

First of all I want to apologize for being away for so long.. I’ve been to busy with work, and the school.. I will not disappear like that again, sorry!


As the title says: I’m finally playing guitar again! That was just in time, ’cause I can’t remember the last time I played on a guitar.. I bet it’s like 7 months ago or so. Why did I quit? Well.. I don’t know! That’s what bothers me. It’s just so stupid. And worst of all: I’ve forgotten how to play most of the songs I used to play. Luckily, I still remember the most important songs. Enough for now, I’ll come up with a new post later on.


My guitar


It’s too late..

I know I haven’t been here for like three days, and it has nothing to do with the blog.. It’s just that I’m having a sort of problem. As I’m dealing with the problem, I’ll probably not blog everyday in a while. I will be back when I’ve sorted out of things, but till then I will just blog every other day I think. This is not an excuse for why I haven’t been here at all, I just wanted to tell that I’m not going to blog as normal in a while. So I guess I have to apologize for that, I’ll be back with a “normal” blog post later on..

Thunder and lightning

The title says it all! No, I didn’t made it up. No, this is not a music post. As you might have been noticed: I haven’t blogged today.. Well.. The only reason for that is the lightning! I just got home from work (it rained a lot), and then the grey clouds gathered around on the heaven. Yes, I was laying in the couch and watching how the weather changed. It wasn’t hilarious, but I didn’t know what else to do: except for waiting for dinner. Found out that I should turn on the TV, the current walked on a trip. A long trip. Actually, it was away in like 4 hours. Then, an hour ago, it came back. I bet the current missed me or something.. I did at least miss the current.. a lot! Haha, I just hate the thunder and lightning (can’t use current etc.)


Since it’s getting late (22:12 pm), I’m just going to watch UEFO EURO2012 (Poland – Russia). I’ll be back with a new post tomorrow.


Taken from Google

– What have you done today?

First of all I would like to say that I’m a owner of a Peugeot 207, 1.6 HDI. It’s a 2007 model, and it is my first car ever (I’m not old enough to take the driver license yet though). I’m very pleased with my car, it has an amazing comfort and I’m enjoying every moment on the road. It has an amazing top speed at 115 mph, which is around 185 km/h for those of us who lives in Europe or got that standard. Personally, I just LOVE the car! I know that I will spend a lot of time in that car when I’m 18 and pass my driver license.


This is not mine though, all of my photos of my lion is on a memory card.. I just found this one on the Internet, but it has the same look. Ah, I just felled in love with this car immediately I saw it!

Yesterday, I happened to watch Top Gear USA’s 2nd episode. One of the cars they drove was a Aston Martin. Usually, I don’t like Aston Martin, but I couldn’t hate this car when I first saw it. What a car, with amazing 510 hps!

Look at these amazing Aston Martin cars! (AMV12 (to the left) and AMV8  (to the right))

Since I don’t know that much about the AMs, I’ll just add a YouTube video from TOP Gear, season 13. Go ahead and watch it if you liked the Aston Martin V12 Vantage!

– What do you think?

– Did you like any of the cars at all?

– What was, or what is going to be your first car? And why?

Blog topic decided!

Yes, I’ve finally decided what I want to blog about.. As you might see I’ve added 3 categories at my page. I’ve made them because I mostly want to blog about music, cars and just some posts where I’m blogging about something: mainly what I’m doing at work, school and in holidays I think.. I do not want to write about everything because I might get a couple more readers if I have a more structured blog with chosen blog topics.

Sorry for the short post, I just wanted to write it down.. New post about cars is coming later on..



– What’s your favorite blog topic?

One of my favorite bands is Linkin Park. They’re the band who made me like/enjoy rock music. They’re my favorite band. Honestly, I like pop, punk, and a bit hip hop too, but not a lot.. Adele is one of the artists/singers outside the rock genre I can listen to (not every song though).


Taken from Linkin Parks own Youtube channel

– What do you think of the cover?

About me

My name is Aina, I’m a 17 years old girl from Norway. I’m not a typical girl who loves horses, fashion etc. I’m a girl who love to maintain things (currently working as a mechanic at Raufoss Water & Gas/Isiflo), cars (especially muscle cars), my guitar, music (mostly rock), snowboarding, football etc. I do of course like to hang out with friends too, their like my dearest treasure.


The main reason for why I created this blog was because I wanted to improve my English skills. But also because every blog in Norway is about fashion and make-up, which indicate that the readers are mostly girls between and fifteen years old. At the same time as I want to improve my English skills, I would also like to make some new friends or have a more extended readers.. This is my first blog so I’d appreciated any advice’s on how to blog etc.